Top 5 Note Taking Apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Smartphone like iPhone is no longer a device for phone calling or text messages, it has become an advanced tool for work and entertaining. We prefer taking notes with iPhone during spare time to keep thing organized. For now, taking notes is one of the most frequent used functions on iPad, iPad or iPod Touch due to the big screen nature. It is much convenient to write notes on iOS device and sync it to iCloud with the built-in Note app.


However, the function of default app is limited. It can be used only for text. For complex features, like voice recording, picture or text formatting, the app is not a good options. So this article rounds up a list of best note taking apps to help you write and organize notes on iPhone more efficiently.


Evernote: Take Note on iPhone and Sync Anywhere

Evernote is one of the most popular note apps in all stores, this for several years now. Evernote allows you to add notes and organize using tags or categories. Notes can be text, images, voice, handwritten, screenshots or scans of paper sheets. All the notes are synchronized, safely, on your free account and can be accessed via web, desktop, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The notes can also be shared with anyone via email or Facebook.


evernote for iphone


OneNote: Good Place to Take Your Ideas

OneNote has been recently renovating and released an individual free application from Microsoft Office, where it was included until some time ago. OneNote is really an app full of features, which includes many of the tools of Word, as those of an application for notes. It is integrated with OneDrive so everything is saved on your device, it becomes visible to other devices. Notes can also be OneNote text notes, photos, scanned documents (with OCR) and web pages. OneNote is available for free on App Store.  


onenote for iphone



Google Keep: Capture Your Thoughts in Any Format

Google Keep is the third competitor in this special category of applications, easy to use, free, and integrated with other Google services. You can use Google Keep via the Web, as an app and notes are also visible from Google Drive. The notes can be, as well as written notes and voice notes and lists, even photos with the special feature of being able to automatically transcribe the text in the pictures.


google keep iphone


Any.Do: Keep Your Notes Organzied

Any.Do is one of the best reminder applications, which can also be used to take notes and write down things to remember. You can then set an alarm in the form of notification, or sound in order to never forget an appointment or event. As in the other, you can also take notes in speaking voice. for iphone


Wunderlist: Get Your Staff Done in Time

Wunderlist is another great app for iPhone to mark things to remember and reminders with notifications, alarms, appointments possibility of sharing and many other functions are perfect for making the device an agenda of smart work.


wunderlist for iphone


I could go on with the list with other excellent and functional apps but I saw that many of these services are born and died within a few years, forcing users to save notes elsewhere or even lose them. The 5 apps mentioned above are among the best. It would be difficult for others to be able to resist such competition and not worth taking the risk.




Richard Vern
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