How to Transfer Videos from iPhone 14/13/12 to PC or Mac

Smartphone technology has been evolving rapidly in recent years. New features are consistently added to new models. And now an iPhone is not just a phone, which only made calls or send text messages in the past. With a decent camera, iPhone allows you to record high-quality videos to keep a memory of your daily life. However, these videos has large size and occupy space. With a limited, non-expandable memory, it seems you had no choice but to delete one of these videos in order to free up more space on your iPhone.


The truth is that you don’t have to delete those videos. You can back up those videos to a Mac or PC when the memory is in short. This also applies to other media files, such as movies, TV Shows or Podcasts. With iPhone Transfer, you can transfer all kinds of data on your iPhone to computer in a few minutes, which in my opinion is much easier than using iTunes. iPhone Transfer is a great iTunes alternatives to ease the life of using iPhone. And you can completely forget the pain of using iTunes for data sync between iPhone and computer. Not to mention data mess if you just operate iTunes in a wrong way. The program supports a list of iOS devices and file type. I will list them in below:


iOS Device: iPhone 14, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone 8/7/6/5S/5/4S, iPad/iPad Mini/iPad Pro/iPad Air, iPod Touch


File Type: Videos, TV Shows, Movies, Music, Voice Memos, Podcasts, Photos, SMS, Contacts.


Mac version

User Guide: How to Download iPhone/iPad/iPod Videos to Mac


Step 1 Install and Open iPhone Transfer Software

iPhone Transfer works on Windows and Mac OS X. In this example, we take Mac version as an example. Download and install the program on your Mac. Then launch the program after installation. You can see the main screen as follows:

Install iPhone Movie Transfer

Step 2 Connect iPhone to Mac Computer

Plug your iOS device(iPhone/iPad/iPod) to the computer with USB cable. Then the device will be scanned by iPhone Transfer in a minute. And the program will display a short summary of the device on the screen.

copy iphone movies to mac

Step 3 Select Target Videos from iPhone

As you can see from the left sidebar, there are several options listed. You can backup and transfer items between iPhone and Mac according to your own needs. Click 'Media' to unfold all the media files stored on iPhone, such as Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, which you can see from the tabs located on the top of the program. Select all the videos you need to transfer with your mouse or touch-pad.

import iphone video to mac


Step 4 Start Transferring iPhone Videos to Mac

When all the videos are selected, please click 'Export to' menu and select 'Export to Mac' from the drop-down list. Then the program asks you to choose a local folder to store those exported videos. Finally, all the selected videos will be on your Mac in a few minutes.

 move iphone video to mac


It’s highly recommended to back up your data on iPhone in case of any data loss. It will also save more storage on your device when you chose to transfer them to a computer, especially for those files that take large space such as videos and photos. If you change a new computer, you can directly transfer the whole library to the new iTunes. Or directly transfer the data to a new iOS device. iPhone Transfer is quite a convenient program that you should definitely own a copy.


Mac version



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