How to Backup and Recover Kik Messages from iPhone/iPad

Kik is one of the most popular free texting apps available for iPhone and iPad. You can use it for free to communicate with familiar members or friends via text, photo or videos. But how would you feel when some important Kik messages got deleted accidentally? It is definitely frustrating moment and all you want to do is how to recover those deleted messages in Kik. It is almost impossible to recover the deleted messages without previous backup. In this case, only third party data recovery tool would help you out.


For now, you can find a lot of iOS data recovery software available on the web that claim to restore deleted Kik messages with 100% success rate. Unfortunately, most of them failed to do so. And that is why we wrote a post on this topic because we came across the same situation a while go and spent hours to find a reliable solution.


Kik Backup & Restore is the program we finally chose after a few try out. It is currently the best tool to use when it comes to recovering the deleted Kik messages and chat histories. This smart tool allows you to back your Kik messages with one click. And you can recover the exact data later in case of accidental deletion. In this tutorial, we will take iPhone 6S for an example. This also applies to other iOS devices like iPad or iPod.


Supported iOS Device: iPhone SE/6S/6/5S/5/4S/4, iPad Pro/Mini/Air and iPod Touch.

Recoverable Content: Kik Messages and Kik Message Attachment (Photo/Video/Audio) .


Mac version
windows version


Part 1: How to Backup Kik Messages on iPhone


Step 1 Download and Install Kik Backup & Restore

Click above button to download setup file on a Windows PC or Mac computer. Once you have downloaded installation file, just double click it to start the installation process. Now wait for while until the installation procedure is over. Finally launch the software on your computer.


kik backup and restore


Step 2 Connect iPhone to the Computer

Now connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer with USB cable and make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. The program will automatically detect your device.


start backing up kik


Step 3 Backup Kik Messages and Chats to Computer

From "More Tools" located at left sidebar, select "iOS Kik Backup & Restore". Click "Backup" button on the main screen. Then the program starts to backup all the messages and chats stored on Kik app. This will take a couple of minutes, please wait and keep the device well connected. After backup, you can view it directly within the program.


kik message backup completed


Part 2: How to Restore or Recover Deleted Kik Messages for iPhone


Even without previous backup, the program is still able to recover the deleted Kik messages or chats from iPhone. However, you need first to do the backup process as mentioned above. After that, please follow the steps in below to restore the messages.


Step 1 Select Backup File from Existing List

After backup, click "To view previous backup file >>", which can be seen at the Backup button. Then you will all the backup files on your computer. Select one from the list and click "View".


view kik backup


Step 2Restore Deleted Kik Messages from iPhone

The program will scan all the messages from that backup and present the result on the main screen. You can preview messages and attachments before recovery. You are free to decide making a full restore or only recovering the selected ones. At the end, please choose restoring the message to your device or exporting them to a computer. The options are listed at the bottom.


restore kik messages



From the tutorial, you know how easily it is to recover the messages that got deleted from Kik messager. It supports all Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Besides Kik message recovery, it can also recover all kinds of other data on any iOS device like Whatsapp, sms, contacts or photos. Those tools are shown on the left side bar and More Tools section. There are also step-by-step tutorials on these topics, you can find them out on tutorial section of this site.



Mac version
windows version




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